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Research life cycle: 3.Usage phase: Introduction

After the research

After completion of the research, data that after a selection process are deemed eligible, will be archived and possibly published, whether or not linked to (scientific) articles about the research. By securing your data for the long term they can be made available for verification purposes and/or reuse.
To make this possible, your research data must be managed during the research in such a way that they are findable, accessible, comprehensible, reusable and permanently stored upon completion of the research. Also see the FAIR principles in this LibGuide.

Reasons for storing research data

There are a number of considerations or criteria for the long-term preservation of certain research data to enable verification and/or reuse:

  • The importance of the research data (are they relevant for others), for example:
    - potential value for reuse
    - (inter)national positioning
    ‚Äč- quality, originality, size, scale
    - production costs of the data
    - innovative nature of the research
  • The uniqueness of the data, for example:
    - the data include non-repeatable observations
  • The importance of the data for historical research
  • The data enrich an (open access) publication
  • Other reasons, for example:
    - the data are important for non-scientific purposes such as cultural heritage, museums or presentations
  • Requirements of the subsidy provider or the institution
  • The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity requires that both raw and processed data should be retained for a period appropriate to the discipline and methodology
  • You wish to set certain conditions on the reusability of data, for example:
    - embargo
    - patent
    - license
    - terms of use

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