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Assessing and selecting: Selecting

Part of the Information Literacy Portal


  • Try to put the found information under the main topic and different subtopics.
  • If required, create a diagram with the required classification and the information that you wish to use within this.
  • Make a summary of each source with the essence of what you could use for your assignment or write down a number of keywords per source


  • It is possible that you may have to go into greater depth regarding specific subtopics. You may then have to (again) adjust your search terms.
  • By using found sources you are likely to discover additional search terms. Then you can repeat certain search strategies with the new found terminology. Use boolean searching with the OR operator if you repeat a certain search strategy.


Try to structure the information as much as possible. Organize the sources found and use criteria that are important to you. For example:

  • publication date
  • primary or secondary sources
  • source type (overview article, interview, thesis, research report, handbook, ...)
  • authoritative author, institute, peer reviewed, ...

Information that you cannot use for answering your search question should be discarded. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek