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PubMed (English): Fulltext

Getting the full text of articles

There are several ways to get access to the full text of an article.

Via PubMed

Opening an article in PubMed, you will often see several icons/links at the top right or at 'LinkOut'. 


1. Free full text link
    The article has been published 'Open Access' and is freely accessible. Click on the icon for full text

2. Publisher's link
    The article is only available from that publisher against payment. Zuyd Library has a licence from a
    number of these publishers:
       = database ScienceDirect
       = database IOS Press
       = database Sage
       = database SpringerLink
       = database Wiley

    Note!! Zuyd Library is subscribed to three EBSCO databases.
    Cinahl, Academic Search, Psychology and behavioral sciences collection.
    Links to these databases can only be found through 'LinkOut'!

  • Are you working within Zuyd University? Click the icon directly. If we have a subscription you will have direct access to the full text. Do you see a login screen?  We do not have a subscription to this journal.
  • Are you working from home? Open the database through the library website, log in with your Zuyd account and go find the article. 

3. Zuyd-link [not available yet]
    If you see, you can find the article in the online Zuyd Library collection. Click the icon to get full
    text. This also works beyond the Zuyd University premises, but you have to login with your Zuyd

If getting full text through Pubmed is unsuccessful

  • Check Google Scholar / Google.
    They may offer you free access.
  • Check DiZ,  Zuyd Library's Discovery Tool, through the Zuyd Library website.
  • Visit Maastricht Randwyck University Library.
    Zuyd students are allowed to use this library, take your student card and your ID! 
  • Articles mat be ordered at the library desk.
    The costs are  € 5,- per article, payable in advance. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek