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Research question: Main & Sub-questions

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Main question

The main research question is the question that your thesis is intended to answer. 

Main questions are generally broken down into sub-questions that enable you to tackle your research in a more step-by-step manner. Together your findings for these components will provide an answer to the main question.

What characterizes a good main question?

  • The question is clear.
    The concepts in the question are also clear. With a vague question you will lose focus
  • The question is specific.
    After all, you want to be able to search specifically. With a too general, broad, poorly defined question you will soon get lost in a slew of information
  • The question is relevant.
    The answer to the question must therefore contribute directly to the solution of your "information problem" and the achievement of your objective.
  • The question is "open". So it is not a question to which only "yes" or "no" can be the answer
  • The question is realistic. It is possible to find an answer within the time available and with sufficient resources


  • If it is possible to find an answer within the available time
  • If there are sufficient means to find the answer

Keep in mind:

You can only search in a focused and effective manner if it is exactly clear as to what it is you want to know. So formulate a specific question that gives direction to your search process.


Once you have formulated your main research question, you should focus on identifying the sub-questions that will enable you to answer it.

Example of a main research question

What is Airbnb's influence on the hotel industry?

Examples of sub-questions

Possible sub-questions:

  • What is Airbnb?
  • How does the hotel market work?
  • How does the consumer respond to the price / quality ratio of Airbnb versus hotels?

Sometimes you can further specify the sub-questions to search queries. Search queries are aspects of sub-questions. They view the subject from different angles. For example, in the sub-question "What is Airbnb?" you could think of the following search queries:

  • What is the history of Airbnb?
  • is there also an Airbnb for the business market? | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek