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Zuyd Library Staff has designed this Research Guide for European Studies Maastricht.

About this LibGuide European Studies

Zuyd Library Staff has designed this LibGuide for European Studies Maastricht. This guide is a flexible tool with links to the Zuyd Library Search Engine DiZ, Portal and Catalogue, books, (online) articles, databases, websites and other resources. Subject-specialist librarian ES: Marion Schellings. This LibGuide is a work in progress, check this box for future updates.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Mail to

Discover information Sources Zuyd (DiZ)

Zuyd Library Online Journals

Browse or use your search term (eg Europe)

Search scholarly articles

Using Google Scholar, instead of regular Google, will lead you to reliable, scholarly information. 

To make visible which search results are full text accessible for Zuyd students and staff, you have to configure your Google Scholar settings to display FullText@Zuyd links:

  • Go to the menu (drie streepjes)
  • Click on Settings, then Library Links
  • In the search box, search for zuyd 
  • Choose "Zuyd Hogeschool - FullText@Zuyd"
  • Save Preferences


How to use the Zuyd Library search engine: DiZ

DiZ, an acronym for “Discover information sources Zuyd" is Zuyd Library's very own search engine with which you can perform an integrated search through the library catalogue and electronic sources.

How to use the Zuyd Library website

The Library’s website ( provides access to reliable information from trusted sources which are available both on and off campus. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek