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Research life cycle: 1.Planning: Introduction

Prior to the start of your research

Data management already begins before the research starts. In the planning phase, you anticipate the expected results. You think about the methods you want to use to get an answer to your research question and which research data will be generated. You record this in a research proposal. In addition, more and more subsidy providers expect a data management section and/or plan as an appendix to your research proposal or subsidy application.

Online platforms

National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM)

LCRDM facilitates a national approach to research data management in the Netherlands, this in close consultation with education and research institutions.

Five work groups are working on the development of various aspects that form the building blocks of good data management (policy) throughout the research cycle:
- facilities and data infrastructure;
- legal aspects and control;
- financial aspects;
- research support and advice;
- awareness / commitment.




Research Data Netherlands (RDNL)

RDNL is a national collaboration in which three data archives (4TU, DANS, SURFsara) join forces to promote sustainable archiving and re-use of research data.

RDNL offers, among other things, the course Essentials 4 Data Support, in which a lot of background information on data management can be found for each research phase.

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