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Searching and finding: How to find an article

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Zuyd Library has subscriptions to a lot of printed journals and offers full text access to quite a few e-journals, these journals are available to students and teachers.
There are several options when searching for articles.

Finding articles with DiZ

By using the DiZ search engine you can search the library catalogue as well as many databases for, often full text, articles. Most of these databases contain only English-language articles.

Why use DiZ next to Google Scholar/Google? Many of these articles are not available full text in Google or Google Scholar unless you pay for them. Zuyd Library has licenses for many databases, so Zuyd students and staff do have full text access to these articles.

DiZ Home Access offers the option Publications which enables you to search and browse all digital academic journals Zuyd Library has access to.
You will find the option Publications via 'E-journals | E-books' on the library website.

More info about DiZ >>

Finding articles in LibGuides by discipline

Are you looking for articles in your discipline? You can use the LibGuide developed for your course to find an overview of the most relevant information sources in your field, such as journals and databases. Many of them are accessible full text.

Articles in Databases

Not all databases are searched by DiZ, therefore it is very important/relevant to search individual databases separately. Sometimes it is even more effective to use the advanced search options of a database so you can search in a more targeted way, it will make your search results more relevant and it will save you time in the long run.

Check the A-Z Databases for a complete overview of all databases. Here you can see which databases are, and which are not, searched by DiZ. You will find the A-Z list through the option 'Databases' on the library website. 

More info about the A-Z list >>

Articles in Printed Journals

Although more and more journal articles are published electronically, there are still printed journal articles being published. You cannot find these articles by using the title or author of the article: you have to search the catalogue by title of the journal in which the article has been published. If the journal is available at Zuyd Library the catalogue will also provide information about whether there is an accompanying website available with perhaps an index, search bar or journal archive.

Check the LibGuide concerning your discipline whether you can search the journal in some way: for some journals there are digital archives available and other journals are included in databases with extensive search options.

Articles in Google Scholar

When searching the internet for scholarly articles the best tool to use is Google Scholar, Google's scientific search engine. The full text of the articles may not be available, but fortunately there are two major exceptions: content owned by Zuyd Library and Open Access Journal articles.

More info about Google Scholar >>

Articles not available at Zuyd Library

If a document (book, article or sheet music) is not available at Zuyd Library, you can use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. Documents will then be requested for you from an external library. However, there are costs involved that must be paid in advance. Of course, if the request cannot be fulfilled the fee will be refunded.

You can submit your request online via this ILL form

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