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Searching and finding: How to find a book

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Zuyd Library has an extensive book collection, consisting of printed as well as electronic books (e-books).

If you want to know whether a specific book is available in the Zuyd collection and where you can find it, or you are looking for a book about a specific topic, you can use DiZ and/or the catalogue. With these tools you can search the whole collection.
Browsing the shelves to look for a particular book is useless: there are too many books and they are spread over several Zuyd locations.

Finding Books with DiZ

With the DiZ search engine you can perform an integrated search through the entire (printed and digital) book collection.

More info about DiZ >>

Finding Books with the Library Catalogue

The library catalogue searches exclusively the printed collection (books, journals, sheet music etc.)

Exception: Only if the printed as well as the electronic version of a book is available via Zuyd you will also find the link to the e-version in the catalogue.To search other digital titles you use DiZ.

More info about the catalogue >>

E-Books in Databases

With the DiZ search engine you can search for e-books that are available full text via Zuyd Library. However, you cannot find them all: Zuyd Library has licenses for several databases offering, next to e-journals, also full text e-books. As not all databases can be searched by DiZ, you have to search some databases separately.

Check the A-Z Databases list for a complete overview of all databases. Here you can see which databases are, and which are not, searched by DiZ. You will find the A-Z list through the option 'Databases' on the library website. 

More info about the A-Z list >>

Google Books

Google Books is the Google online search engine that searches the internet to offer digitized books full-text.

It provides access to older books where copyright no longer applies, and thanks to collaborative initiatives by publishers and libraries, also more recent and sometimes new books are fully available online.

You can search Google Books using title words, but also with words from the text of the books. The table of contents of most books is available so you can easily check whether a book is suitable for your purpose or not.

For more information: How to use Google Books

Books not available at Zuyd Library

If a document (book, article or sheet music) is not available at Zuyd Library, you can use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. Documents will then be requested for you from an external library. However, there are costs involved that must be paid in advance. Of course, if the request cannot be fulfilled the fee will be refunded

You can submit your request online via this ILL form.

More info about ILL >>

Books from other Zuyd locations
Within Zuyd Library you can apply for books from other Zuyd locations to be sent to your location. You can make these requests at the loan desk. It is a free service. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek