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Search Tools: Zuyd Library Databases A-Z list

Zuyd Library's Databases A-Z list

About this A-Z list

You will find the A-Z list through the option 'Databases' on the library website. 
In this A-Z list you can check all available databases selected and assessed by Zuyd librarians or recommended by your faculty. Enter your search terms, browse alphabetically or restrict your search by discipline or language.

What do the icons mean?

  •     short information about the database
  •   ​   home access available
  •   database included in the DiZ index
  • ​    only accessible at Zuyd University
  •     freely accessible
  •     open access

In these selected databases you will find a comprehensive collection of high quality information that mainly consists of academic, and for the greater part, peer-reviewed articles. You may also be able to access chapters from academic books. A selection of the databases can be searched with DiZ.

Please note
In this A-Z list you can only search for database titles, you can’t search the content of these sources. For that you have to use DiZ or the search options of each individual database.

Searching individual databases

The DiZ Search Engine and Google Scholar are great tools for quickly finding a lot of research data on a topic, but they may produce too many hits. Sometimes it’s more effective to search a database separately. And not all databases are included in the DiZ index, so it is still important to check the full text databases individually.

Using a database's advanced search option will make your search more focused.

Please Note
Take some time to examine the search options of the databases you use. It’s part of a serious research process.

Infoclip about Library Databases

About Library Databases

A (full text) library database is a searchable collection of research literature that includes the entire text of an article or book, reproduced as a webpage and/or in PDF format, and other related resources.

These databases may be multidisciplinary (covering a range of subjects) or subject-specific (one subject only).

Multidisciplinary examples: Subject-specific examples: | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek