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Search Tools: Zuyd Library Search Engine DiZ

Discover Information Sources Zuyd (DiZ)

About DiZ

DiZ, an acronym for “Discover information sources Zuyd" is Zuyd Library's very own search engine with which you can perform an integrated search through the library catalogue and multiple databases.
You will find the DiZ search engine on the library website.

Why use DiZ when there is Google?
A great deal of scientific information is contained in databases which Google cannot access. The reason being that this information must be paid for. Zuyd Library purchases licenses from publishers to give Zuyd students and staff access to this information.

Unlike Google, the DiZ search engine can search the Zuyd information sources exclusively and – most importantly - link you directly through to the full-text document.

Please note:
There will be certain databases that are not included in a discovery service, so it is still important to check the subject-specific databases on your topic to make sure that you have not missed any research data that is not included in the discovery search.

Searching e-journals with the DiZ Publication Finder

Organize your research with DiZ (My Discovery)

Create a personal account to personalize your search experience.
The infoclip below will show you how to do this.

Save search results in folders that you can create and name yourself.
The infoclip below will show you how to do this.

And make use of the following other options:

  • saving your searches via search history
  • creating an alert for a saved search
  • sharing saved search results with someone who also has a DiZ personal account

Infoclips about DiZ (playlist)

Click here for all DiZ Infoclips

How to access DiZ at home

When working at home (or any other internet connection outside the Zuyd network) Zuyd Library uses the proxy server EZproxy to give Zuyd students and staff access to digital content for which the library has a license and that can only be reached through an Zuyd IP-address.

Enter DiZ via the DiZ Home Access link and log in with your Zuyd account.
Read more here

To be clear, when you are on the Zuyd campus, you don't have to use EZproxy. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek