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Skift Research : Hotel Tech Benchmark

What is the Skift Hotel Tech Benchmark?

The Skift Hotel Tech Benchmark offers clarity in this convoluted space. Skift Research has done extensive outreach to hotel tech vendors to participate in this new tool. Participating tech vendors were asked to provide details about their company, products, and clientele.

Skift Research has collated this information, and used this as the input for the Hotel Tech Benchmark, combined with their estimates and knowledge garnered from extensive discussions with industry experts. 

The Hotel Tech Benchmark provides insights into the hotel technology landscape, pulling together market sizes and landscapes for major hotel tech categories, based on vendor surveys and Skift Research proprietary data calculations. It answers critical questions, including:

  • What is the annual revenue generated from each hotel tech category?
  • What is the penetration rate of different technologies?
  • What is the total current and addressable market?
  • Where do growth opportunities lie?
  • What are the most important revenue streams i.e. how do tech vendors make money?
  • Which are the largest vendors in each category, and what market share do they have?
  • How do vendors differentiate themselves from their competitors?

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The Hotel Tech Taxonomy

The Hotel Tech Benchmark provides a comprehensive view of the hotel tech space, dividing the space into four categories, with between five to eight types of software below each.

  • Operations
  • Revenue Management
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Guest-Facing Tech | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek