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Zuyd data storage infrastructure: Introduction

Zuyd infrastructure for research data storage

Two facilities have been set up within Zuyd with the aim of realizing a secure infrastructure for storage, management, controlled sharing and making research data accessible to all research centres:

  1. O-drive‚Äč
  2. ZuyData@figshare

Difference between the two facilities:
The O-drive is part of the Zuyd network and only can be used by, and is accessible to, Zuyd employees.
With ZuyData@figshare, external project partners can also attain access to the data and data can be made publicly accessible by publishing it.
As a researcher at Zuyd you can use these facilities. If you are affiliated with a research centre or if you are in a PhD track, you can request access from one of the members of Team Research Support.

For more information, see the relevant tabs.

Problems during use?

Your first point of contact is Team Research Support.
The members of this team are responsible for the functional management of these facilities and will contact ICT if necessary.

Zuyd support

Team Research Support
Zuyd Library

Marsha Bokhorst
Nieuw Eyckholt - Heerlen

Lilian van de Burgt
Brusselseweg - Maastricht

Ingrid Kars
Ligne - Sittard
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