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Ondersteuning bij het afstudeerproject Hotel Management School Maastricht | Support for the final project Hotel Management School Maastricht

About this LibGuide

Knowledge portal with information sources for the management project (final thesis) of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. Here you will find an overview of books, databases, websites, videos, weblogs etc., which may be helpful with the subject. So the project group can formulate a research question and carry out practically focused research.Based on the findings, the project group will produce an advisory report. 

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Project Management

Clip to illustrate Project Management concepts

An Ocean's Eleven movie clip used to illustrate project management statement of work (SOW)



Liesbeth Ramaekers

Hospitality, Tourism
endnote, APA

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Jill Penders

Economics & Languages,
Social Work, Endnote, APA

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