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Strategic Revenue & Real Estate Management (E): Research

Doing research

Research this is it!


How do you start your research

How to spot fake news

Made-up news isn’t new, but it now spreads quickly through social media. Readers remain the first line of defense against the dissemination of these bogus reports. So, how do you spot a fake?

Google Scholar

Use general search engines for searching the internet to get familiar with your topic. Using Google Scholar, instead of regular Google, will lead you to reliable, scholarly information. 

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an alternative for the Zuyd search engine DiZ, but you can’t search the Zuyd collection exclusively. When using Google Scholar, Zuyd students and staff may profit from the electronic journal subscriptions of Zuyd Library. You have to adjust the Google Scholar settings to Zuyd.
How does it work? This clip shows you.

Library Access

Library Access is a browser extension that you yourself add to your favorite browser.
Library Access allows you to access information from Zuyd Library's many databases while searching.
The tutorial shows you how to add Library Access to your browser and how it works. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek