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Cochrane Library (English): 3. Building a search

Fill Search Manager

After collecting search terms, you can start filling the search engine line by line.

Explanation Search Manager

The MeSH terms you will use for the first building block are already in the Search manager (see step 2). This will look like this.

► Each individual search has a number.
► Behind each search line is the number of search results for that particular line.

Complete Search Manager

Now complete the Search manager with your free search terms for Building Block 1. Use the # numbers to combine all synonyms (including MeSH terms) with OR.

Follow these steps for each of the building blocks.

Combining your building blocks

To ensure that all your building blocks show up in the search result, you need to combine the individual building blocks with each other.

► As the last line of each building block, you created OR combinations. See line #3, #6, #9 and #12.
► Use these lines to combine the different building blocks with AND.

Open search results
Your final search line will look something like this.

► Open your search results by clicking on the number (15) at the end of the line. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek