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Cochrane Library contains a number of sub-collections in the field of evidence-based care. It is a comprehensive and important source of qualitative, independent information. The Library includes Cochrane Reviews, Trials and Clinical Answers, which are divided into clusters according to their field of expertise. In particular, the information in Cochrane Library focuses on the impact of healthcare interventions.

► Cochrane Library does not add MeSH terms to articles. By using MeSH terms, you only search PubMed through Cochrane Library. This explains the overlay between the two databases.
Tip: If you have already searched in PubMed using MeSH terms, you can skip this step in Cochrane Library.

Search plan

You can follow these steps when searching for literature in Cochrane Library:

  1. Formulate a search question and your building blocks (e.g. by using the PICO form, see below)
  2. Map out which search terms you plan to use
  3. Build your search in the Search manager
  4. Process your search results

Furthermore, you can use the PICO search for less complex searches. This search strategy does not lend itself to working with synonyms.

Use the Cochrane Reviews, Trials or Clinical Answers buttons to quickly 'browse' for the most recent articles in these catagories.

Tip: Sign Up

When using Cochrane Library, it is recommended to create an account. By logging into your account, you can always retrieve your search results via View saved searches.

Without an account, you can search, but your search history will only be saved for a short period of time.

Title Abstract Keyword

A good start to searching Cochrane Library can be via the simple search bar. This is automatically set to Title Abstract Keyword. This search function is useful to quickly search for literature on one particular topic.

Other search options you can choose via the drop-down menu are e.g.: Abstract, Author, Publication Type and DOI.


Marsha Bokhorst
Research Support       

Danny Brassé
Occupational Therapy, 
Speech Therapy


Bas Nieuwenhuijsen
Nursing, Health Innovation

Christina Piovesan
Vocational Therapy

Liesbeth Ramaekers
Advanced Nursing
Practice, Physiotherapy

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