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Cochrane Library (English): 4. Processing Search Results

Refine Search Result

Once you have done the overall search, you can filter further to get desired sources. On this page, we provide some tips.

Do you use the EndNote reference software? Then you can export (part of) your search results.

Search Results Overview

This is what your results overview now looks like.

► Select a certain publication type via the tabs, such as Cochrane Reviews or Trials.
► Filter in the menu on the left by certain dates, review types or topics.

Below some of the article references is a PICO button. Click this to see which keywords were used for each building block.

View article
Have you found an article you want to view? Open the link to the article and click Download PDF on the right.

► You have access to all resources in Cochrane Library. 

Export your APA references

Do you use EndNote to create correct literature references e.g. in APA style? Then it is convenient to export references.

► Download your article references in RIS format to open them in EndNote. (See this LibGuide.)

Save Search Results

You can save your search results for easy reuse. Choose Save this search and then Save as.

► To save your search in Cochrane Library, you must have an account. You can create this through Sign In > Register. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek