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Hotel Management: Internship Reports | Management Project Reports

About Internship Reports and Management Project Reports

During your education, you will go on an internship twice: a practical internship and a management internship. You complete these internships with an individual internship report.
You carry out your thesis research in a project form. The project group writes a management project report (thesis).

The internship and management project reports are included in the Zuyd Student Reports Repository.

Zuyd Student Reports

Internship and management project reports of previous years can be found in the Zuyd Student Reports Repository. Surf to the website of the library and click on Student Reports (black block on the right side of the homepage).

After the Repository opens you can enter your search terms in the search pane. Possible search terms:  a student name or the name of an internship company. It’s also possible to search for a country or a keyword like marketing or sales.

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