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Music: nkoda

LibGuide Conservatorium Maastricht (Academy of Music)

About nkoda

nkoda is a sheet music streaming service with access to over 100,000 titles from the world’s leading music publishers. To use nkoda you have to install the nkoda app on your mobile, tablet or any other computing device. With the Zuyd Library nkoda license Zuyd students and staff will have free access to a huge collection of digital sheet music.

Do you already have your personal nkoda account?

How to request your personal nkoda account-creation link?

Initially, you will have to create an individual nkoda account via a unique one-time link that you can request via this formThe unique, personal link will be sent to you by email; then proceed with the steps as indicated in the "Creating your free nkoda account" box below.

Request Zuyd access to nkoda. Apply here ►

Creating your free nkoda account

  1. Please use your personal account-creation link (see above), 
    nter your Zuyd email address and click “Get Started”.
  2. ​Fill out your details to create your account. You MUST use your Zuyd email address. 
    It's very important that you select the "Sign Up via Email" option, not the Institution, Facebook or Google option;
  3. Click “Next”;
    at this point, your account has been created.

  4. Download the nkoda app on your own personal device(s); use the relevant App Store links below to download the app:
    ●    For ​Windows 10
    ●    For ​iOS 
    ●    For ​Mac OS
    ●    For ​Android

  5. Once your download is complete, log in to the app (click “Log In/Restore”, then “Or log in via email”), using your Zuyd nkoda account (i.e., the credentials you created).
  6. Upon logging in to the app, a window asking “Continue as a member of Conservatorium Maastricht?” will appear.  Click “Yes.”

nkoda and your privacy

nkoda privacy policy

Additional statement from nkoda

  • Tracking cookies are used for providing a better user experience and authentication purposes. This allows our apps to continue providing services across the nkoda ecosystem seamlessly. This will allow the users to access all our services without the need of signing in, again and again. We do not share the user behaviours to third parties.
  • nkoda app collects users' location in order to protect publisher contents and to comply with our contracts and inter-publisher distribution rights. These agreements are based on countries/territories and we are obliged to govern the accessibility of publisher materials accordingly.   
  • As mentioned above profiling is done to increase the quality of our services and the user data is never shared with third parties
  • We do not use personal data for marketing purposes.
  • We do not share or sell personal data with third parties. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek