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Music: Naxos Music Library (NML) - instruction page

LibGuide Conservatorium Maastricht (Academy of Music)

Access Naxos Music Library (Zuyd subscription)

Naxos Music Library (NML) is much more than just a streaming service. Learn about all NLM features on this instruction page.

Naxos also has a similar platform for Jazz: NML Jazz 

Privacy and Security | Access Restrictions

Due to strict privacy and security rules Zuyd does not grant permission to create your own Naxos Music Library account. That means that you can’t create your own playlists or adding albums to Favourites and you can't access Naxos Music Library via the Naxos app with mobile devices.

The Zuyd license allows 5 concurrent users.

Video tutorial: Getting started with Naxos Music Library (NML)

You may know Naxos as a world leading classical music label, however, Naxos also provides a streaming library for classical music that educational libraries can subscribe to, allowing their members to play high quality tracks, and access educational material. Over 2.7 million tracks are currently available from over 940 labels, with more content added daily.

Video tutorial: the resources pages. A wealth of background information

Educational resources are also hosted on the platform, including work analyses, an interactive dictionary with music examples, a musicology article section, aural training exercises, Libretti and synopses of over 1,000 operas, and more.

Video tutorial: The NML search pages. How to search the NML catalogue

NML has a powerful search engine built specifically around classical music, allowing easier and more specific searching than general music sources can accommodate. Searches can be filtered by a combination of criteria, such as keyword, artist, composer, songwriter, featured instrument, period, year of composition, etc.

Jerry Falwel Library - Naxos Tutorial

A brief but very clear video tutorial on using Naxos Music Library (Jerry Falwell Library) | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek