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Music: Journals

LibGuide Conservatorium Maastricht (Academy of Music)

Search for e-journal titles

► E-journals in the 'Publication Finder'

To search for e-journals by title.
Enter one or more search terms (eg 'music education') or search by discipline (eg music) to find e-journals about your subject.

To search paper journals by title, consult the

► Paper journals in the Zuyd Library Catalogue

Search for e-journal articles

To search for e-journal articles, use:

► DiZ Search engine

Zuyd exclusive and usually access to full text.

► Google Scholar

Scholar also searches outside the Zuyd collection,
but you do not always have access to the full text

List of Open-Access Music Journals (LOAMJ)

Read more about this list on Matthew Franke's blog: Notes on a page

Selected E-Journals in DiZ Publication Finder

Journals both Print and Online

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