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Google Scholar  is een zoekmachine waarmee een groeiende verzameling wetenschappelijke publicaties wordt doorzocht. Deze publicaties vindt je niet met de 'gewone' Google.

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How does motivation work? The classic answer is that people are motivated to approach pleasure and avoid pain, that they are motivated by carrots and sticks. But to understand human motivation, it is necessary to go beyond pleasure and pain. What people want is to be effective in their life pursuits, and there are three distinct ways that people want to be effective. They want to be effective in having desired results (value), which includes having pleasure but is not limited to pleasure. They want to be effective in managing what happens (control) and in establishing what's real (truth), even if the process of managing what happens or establishing what's real is painful. These three distinct ways of wanting to be effective go beyond just wanting pleasure, but there is even more to the story of how motivation works.

Operationeel management in de dienstverlening biedt een volledig overzicht van het vakgebied. Het behandelt de basisconcepten van operations management en legt de relatie met de overige managementtaakgebieden in een dienstverlenende organisatie. Klantgerichtheid loopt als een rode draad door het boek, aangezien de klant in de dienstverlening altijd centraal staat.

Some of the most life-changing connections are made at events. But if you can't design events, how can you change your world? The answer? This handbook will change the way you think about how events change the world you live in. It shows the way to re-design your world on one sheet of paper using the #EventCanvas.
This book identifies the starting point of any event and outlines steps of how events come to life. It focuses on the DNA of specific aspects of events, and provides insight into how to observe and analyze events, understand stakeholders, and define behavioural changes required to deliver value.

'Basisboek Events' belicht de praktische invulling van het organiseren van een goed evenement en geeft een overzicht van de theorie van het vakgebied eventmanagement. Alle aspecten van conceptfase tot en met de uitvoering en de evaluatie worden besproken. Onderwerpen als locatiebepaling, uitnodigingen, techniek, entertainment, catering, decoratie, budgettering, beveiliging, communicatie, crowdmanagement en het opzetten van een draaiboek worden uitgebreid behandeld. Acutele voorbeelden, tips en foto’s brengen het vakgebied tot leven.

A new wave of products is helping people change their behavior and daily routines, whether it's exercising more (Jawbone Up), taking control of their finances (HelloWallet), or organizing their email (Mailbox). This practical guide shows you how to design these types of products for users seeking to take action and achieve specific goals.

Stephen Wendel, HelloWallet's head researcher, takes you step-by-step through the process of applying behavioral economics and psychology to the practical problems of product design and development. Using a combination of lean and agile development methods, you'll learn a simple iterative approach for identifying target users and behaviors, building the product, and gauging its effectiveness. Discover how to create easy-to-use products to help people make positive changes.

- Learn the three main strategies to help people change behavior
- Identify your target audience and the behaviors they seek to change
- Extract user stories and identify obstacles to behavior change
- Develop effective interface designs that are enjoyable to use
- Measure your product's impact and learn ways to improve it
- Use practical examples from products like Nest, Fitbit, and Opower! Nieuwspagina voor facility management. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek