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LibGuide for the Gastronomic Hospitality Course

About this LibGuide

Knowledge portal with information sources for the Gastronomic Hospitality course. Here you will find an overview of books, databases, websites, videos, weblogs, etc. Use these as background and additional information about product and product knowledge, taste education, food and drink, etc.

Zuyd Library Catalogue

Food Inspiration - Digital Magazine

E-Journals Food & Beverage

An overview of e-magazines that can be consulted via the Publication Finder in DiZ can be found here.

Gastronomy Minor

The minor gastronomy is unlike any other. Eating and drinking will never again be the same to you. Through workshops, assignments and lectures, studying a considerable body of literature, and working on the final project, you will learn much more about the composition of foods and beverages. It will also further your insight in food production, health and sustainability issues. Whilst realizing how food behaviour is related to many of the societal challenges that we face. We explore the link of gastronomy to hospitality management and health care and enable you to become an all-round better food professional.

Journals Food & Beverage

Here you find an overview of subscriptions to print journals on different disciplines. The journals are available at the location Hotel Management School Maastricht. The latest issue can be read at the library. Current and older volumes can be borrowed.

Journals in the spotlight.


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