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EndNote Basic ENG: Support


If you get stuck while using Endnote Basic, you can look for a solution on the website of Clarivate, the company behind Endnote.
Slightly less extensive, and in Dutch: the site of Research Software.

Under the Home tab on the right you will find the names of the information professionals from your location who can also help you.

General introduction

If you'd rather learn about Endnote Basic by watching a video tutorial, take a look at these introductory tutorials from the Quillen Medical Library and Purdue Libraries:

Endnote tab missing in Word

A common problem is the disappearance of the Endnote tab from Word. It seems as if the plugin is no longer installed.

Often this is not the case, but you will need to make some changes to the Add-ins section in Word itself. A step-by-step solution can be found HERE, for both Windows and Mac.

If you prefer a video: | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek