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EndNote Basic ENG: Manually adding references

Adding references

1. Click the Collect tab, then click New Reference:

2.  Select the appropriate reference type:

3. Enter data into the desired fields. Fields commonly used by major style guides will appear first:

References are saved after every edited field.
Click on the My References tab to check your added references.
To make this easier: choose for the Sort By option: Added to Library - newest to oldest.

Required fields

‚ÄčAuthor / Year / Title / Place published / Publisher / Edition

Book Section
Author (=author(s) of section) / Year /  Title (=title of chapter/section) / Editor / Book title / Pages (=pages / Place published / Publisher / Edition

Electronic book
Author / Year / Title) / Edition) / URL

Journal article
Author) / Year) / Title (=title of article) / Journal (=journal title) / Volume / Issue / Pages (=pages

Electronic article
Author / Year / Title (=title of article)  / Periodical title / Volume / Issue) / Pages (=pages / DOI of URL

Webpage (with date)
Author (=author or organization) / Year (=year, day, month) / Title / Access date (=day, month, year) / URL

Webpage (no date)
Author (=author or organization) / Year (=n.d) / Title) / Access date (=day, month, year) / URL

YouTube video (= webpage)
Author (=author or organization) / Year (=year, day, month) / Title (=[video] Title) / Access date (=day, month, year) / URL = embedded link



  • Last name, initial(s) or first name, ie.:
    Bos, Anton
    Bos, Anton B.
    Bos, A. B.
  • In the case of multiple authors, enter each author on a new line
  • In the case of multipart surnames with prefixes like de and van:
    - Vancouver: van den Bos, J.
    - APA: Van den Bos, J.
      (the first prefix of all authors should be capitalized)
  • To distinguish organizational names from people, add a comma to the organization in the Author field:
    University of Chicago,


  • In the case of a subtitle: insert a colon after the title and add a space
    - Vancouver: subtitle starts with a lowercase letter
    - APA: Subtitle starts with an uppercase letter

Place published* 

  • If unknown: [s.l.]


  • If unknown: [s.n.]


  • Don't add ed. or edition, EndNote will do this for you. Use:
    4th revised

* Place published is no longer a mandatory field within APA. It is recommended to fill it in anyway, should you wish to change styles. | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek