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EndNote Basic ENG: Using EndNote in Word

EndNote and Word

Storing all your references in EndNote Basic will save you a lot of time and effort when writing documents.
You can automatically insert references in your text and create a corresponding reference list at the end, in your preferred reference style.

There are two options:
1. Using Cite While You Write (CWYW): this feature allows you to insert citations into your Word documents as you write. CWYW will automatically build your bibliography, as well as manage figures and tables.
2. Independent bibliography: there may be times when you want to create a bibliography without an associated paper. We call this an 'independent bibliography' because EndNote does not generate the bibliography based on citations found in a paper, instead the bibliography is generated independently of a paper.

Cite While You Write

1. Log in to EndNote Basic (not necessary, but easier if you discover a mistake you want to adjust)
2. Open your document in Word and click on the EndNote tab.
3. Choose your style, e.g. APA or Vancouver (must be added once via EndNote Basic, see tab Reference styles)
4. Move the cursor to the position in the text where the reference should be placed
5. Click on 'Insert citation'. A screen opens, here you can search by name of the author, keyword, magazine title etc.
6. Click on the reference you want to enter and click on Insert.

The references will now appear in the text according to your chosen style (in the examples below the APA is used in the first image and in the second image Vancouver). The reference list is automatically generated at the end of the text.


If you want to refer to multiple sources in the same place in the text, you can insert them one after the other. Leave the cursor in place and use Insert Citations to select a new reference each time.

Sometimes it is useful to leave the author out of the citation,
or to omit the year. 
You do this by clicking on Insert and then choosing for: 
Insert & Exclude Author or Insert & Exclude year: 

Independent bibliography

To create a reference list independently of a paper, follow the steps below:

  1. In the EndNote Basic menu bar, select Format, and click Bibliography
  2. Select under References the references you want to list (choices are Quick List, All Reference, a personal group or a shared group).
    If you want to use a different selection, you can create a new group or put references in the Quick List.
    A Quick List is erased as soon as you log off, a group is permanent and has to be removed manually.
  3. Click Bibliographic Style to select your output style (ie. Vancouver, of APA 6th)
  4. Select the file format: HTML. txt, of Rich Text 
  5. Now you have the following options: Save (this will download the file to a folder on your computer), E-mail (a pop-up screen appears where you can fill in your email address) or Preview & Print (a pop-up screen opens with your reference list, so you can copy & paste or print).

Reference lists generated with Cite While You Write have field codes and these cannot be edited. An independent bibliography has no field codes, so these lists can be edited before you print or save them.

More options

Edit Citations

Click on Edit Citations.
Select the reference you want to edit or delete.
Click on Edit Reference. Selecting Edit Library Reference will open EndNote Basic, which allows you to edit the reference (this can't be done in Word). Remove Citation will remove the citation from the text: do NOT use the Delete or Backspace key to remove a citation from your Word document.  EndNote codes associated with the citation may not be erased and your document could become corrupted.
Use the Update from my Library option if you have edited a reference in EndNote Basic.

If you want to change the font and/or title of your reference list, click in the Edit Citations screen on Tools, and select Configure Bibliography:

Click the tab Layout to select a font and/or change the font size. You can also add a title for your bibliography here:

Click the tab Instant Formatting to turn this feature off or on:


Under Preferences, the tab Application allows you to change your credentials for EndNote Basic:

The tab General allows you to turn Instant Formatting off for all new documents: | Disclaimer | Over Zuyd Bibliotheek