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EndNote Basic ENG: Home

What is EndNote Basic?

EndNote Basic is a free, online service that can be used to build a personal reference library. You can add references manually (like books, articles, websites) or export them from databases and search engines. It's also possible to attach a pdf to a reference. By installing a plug-in, you can use EndNote Basic in Word to automatically insert references and format citations and bibliographies while you write. You can also switch between different reference styles.

Creating an account for EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is available through the Web of Science database:

1. Go to the Zuyd Library website
2. On the right hand side, click on Databases 
3. Navigate to the W and click on Web of Science
4. Click on Products in the top menu bar. Choose Endnote

As a first time user, you have to register; check the video clip Registration EndNote Basic.

Knowledge clip: Registration EndNote Basic

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